About us

Who we are
Welcome to motosol

We are an owner managed company. Since 1999 we have been performing automotive services for various clients.
We carry out test drives for vehicles with or without trailer as well as for motorbikes and trucks.


Our services

Our services

  • Test runs on test sites and public roads.
    Endurance test programs/running-in programs
    Project work inland and abroad.
    Transfer and transportation of vehicles.
    Technical assistance, retrofittings/equipment installations provided in our in-house workshop.
    We take care of storage, logistics, and servicing of test and measurement equipment.
    Location scout: Elaboration of your route scheduling in conformance with your specification book.

The beginning

How it all began

We have been testing vehicles since 1999. Having started with motorbikes our scope was rapidly extended to automobiles and trucks.
Since 2000 we have been driving on test sites all over Europe – meanwhile we are on the spot globally. This enables us to perform tests even under rigorous climatic conditions.

Historcal Review